My crush, and stereotypes about guys.

  So to let all you strange people know a bit about me, I am writing this post. Right now in my life I’m deciding if I want a relationship. You see there’s this guy whom we’ll just call Mr. Super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot, who is just everything I want in a guy. Sure he’s not the most gorgeous of men, but he’s still attractive. There’s also just something about him that’s just soo sexy! It’s probably the way he always dresses his best, not as in he always has clean, shiny, expensive clothes, but he almost always wears a button down shirt, and pants. Now to some people that might not find that appealing, you’re stupid, button-downs are pure sexy. He is also just so unafraid to be himself, he’s funny, intelligent, talented, and he just stands out among all others. He’ll goof off and start dancing, he’s good with kids, for me he’s just perfect. The only sad part is, I know I have no shot with him, as he’s 3 1/2 years older than me, and I am not attractive. I’m not saying I’m ugly, but I’m just not attractive. I’m overweight, have some acne, and the majority of the time I dress in basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I also don’t wear make-up, I know big shock right? So probably because of that last part especially, guys aren’t attracted to me. Now some of you guys may say you prefer when girl’s don’t wear make-up, but that’s pure bullshit. Most girls you guys like wear make-up, even if you’re too dumb to tell. Now I will accept there are exceptions, but we’re talking the majority here. Anyway back to Mr. Super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot. We’ve been messaging each-other about once every 2 weeks, and we usually only get to see each other once a week. Now I admit it’s not the best set up, but I just can’t help who I’m attracted to ok? Also when we do see each-other we barely talk. Mostly because I’m absolutely terrified of the idea, I mean at least I talk to him. I know a lot of girls who never actually talk to their crushes, and it eventually just fades away, but I’m just not that type of girl. I plan on telling him my feelings the next chance I get, of course I’m the type that’s very casual about it, and hopes he blows it off, I just like letting guys know when I like them so I don’t get all crazy over them. I mean the sooner you know there’s no chance, the sooner you can move on. 

   So tomorrow is the day of the week I might see him, and I’m bringing home-made truffles to the my youth group (where I see him, yes I’m christian, deal with it). I covered it up by making it a late pastor-appreciation gift, but honestly it’s for him. I want him to try one and love it! I mean who doesn’t like delicious melt in your mouth truffles? I hope he doesn’t decide to skip it this week, cause then all my hard work will be in vain, and that’s just a huge downer. Anyway wish me luck I’ll write about the result of my actions next chance I get.