My crush part 2: Best day ever!

 So I just have to say that today is one of the best days I’ve had in a long time :) I went to youth made the truffles and they were a huge hit! And I actually talked to Mr. Super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot for the longest I ever have in person :) It wasn’t awkward or anything and it was just so casual and I loved it <3 Then there was something that went like this between me and his friend:

 Him and his friend + band: *singing until song ends*

Me: “WOOT!” *starts clapping*

His friend: *smiles up at me*

Me just before they move into the next song: -overly emotional voice- “I think that was pretty beautiful!” 

  Everyone on the band looks up and smiles at me including Mr. Super-Mega Foxy-Awesome-Hot

His friend adds in: “I think you’re pretty beautiful!”

Everyone else: “Awwww”

So yeah that pretty much had made my day already as I get insulted by guys more than complimented but then it got even better when I got home :)

So my friend whom we’ll call Ms. Super-Sexy-Amazingness decided she was going to post something on what makes someone beautiful, having seen my previous post where I called myself overweight and unattractive. She went on about how awesome and supa-sexy I was , so I just want to let you know how sexy you are right back <3 You always bring yourself down about yourself and I HATE it you are the funnest person I have ever met, your smile brightens up everything around you, and I honestly believe it’s contagious :) I love how proud you are of your curls instead of ruining them with a straightener every day! You are so naturally beautiful, and I love how even when we went to homecoming you stayed exactly like yourself and didn’t cake on makeup and you still looked like the sexiest person there :) You see who’s beautiful for who really is and not who wears the highest heels shortest shorts, or who totally alters their face with makeup every day! You are going to get the best guy ever! and if you don’t I’mma kill the one you do get so you’ll see how much better you could do, move on, and repeat until you get the right guy <3 So I could continue doing this for a while but I’m afraid you won’t see it tonight if I take any longer, so just so you know you are the best girl ever! And if I was as lesbian as everyone thought I was, you would be my love <3 So don’t go doubting yo sexy-ness cause ya’ll’re HOT!

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